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Beverley M works in Education. She has been in the entertainment industry spanning over 30 years as an experienced compere and Host of large-scale Reggae showcases. She has worked as a host for visiting artists such as Buju Banton, Tony Rebel, Dennis Brown and Marcia Griffiths.

She was the resident compere at the Reggaebaby Lounge from 2009 to 2012. Beverley was one of the first female presenters on Birmingham's first Community Radio Station and she is currently a presenter on Big City Radio Birmingham where she hosts a weekly reggae show.

Beverley was invited to host Jamaica Day at the races at Royal Windsor Racecourse 2012. She was also one of the hosts for Jamaica in the Square 2017 and 2019 in Birmingham.

She has experience as a performing band member and vocalist in the 80's group 'Sceptre' and 'Young Blood'. She diversified into Acting in 2016, her first role in 'The Tale of the fatherless' performed at the Blue Orange theatre and further roles in:

'The Gospel According to Annie',

Love Is...,

The Tale of the Fatherless Tour 2017,

'Martin Luther King, the Aftermath staged at the Rep Theatre 2018,

For Coloured Girls Tour 2019.

She is currently playing a role in the Fatherless Film (GAP Entertainment Productions).

MY JOURNEY WITH WASSIFA My journey with Wassifa sound stared around1985 Whilst being a DJ on PCRL, I would buy my records from Grove Lane Record shop where Shadi, Natti and Everton would sort me out with latest releases and give me advice on what I needed in my record box etc.

I would attend parties where Wassifa would play and soon started to follow their sound, as I loved the way they played (rocked a party). I remember there was a big dance happening in Slough, I was on the bill along with Wassifa, and from there I was booked to play in London at Shenola’s Nite Club and other venues across London with Wassifa.

When Wassifa played out of town, I would go with them along with my crew Angel A, Sandra B, Eileen and Nite Nurse. Over the years they became good friends, I knew all the

members of Wassifa and would often be at the HQ on Stamford Road (Shad’s Mom’s house).

I took a 20-plus year break from Radio Presenting but still DJ’d various gigs. In that time, I always felt that I was part of the Wassifa family and knew that I could call on them for advice/support if needed. It was Mykal (Shad) who put me forward to be one of the hosts for Jamaica in the Square and who got me back into Radio hence I now do a Reggae show on Big City Radio.

To me I have always been part of the Wassifa family……. Now it’s just official


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